When you find a new sports hobby, many questions occur, and you have to find out all the answers for doing sports properly. Don’t avoid searching all the information about running to make your activity efficient.

How long should the first runs take?

Beginners should not take themselves too severely and make Olympic plans. The best thing you can do is to be mindful of yourself and how you feel while running. Everyone who puts on sportswear and sneakers has individual characteristics and reactions to stress and recovery from them. Abandon thoughts like “I will run a marathon by the end of the year”.

And suddenly, an urgent business trip, an unplanned vacation – there can be many reasons for adjustments. Remember that you are not a professional athlete, so sometimes you can deviate from the plan if the week is too hard. Training should be fun, not a burden.

Where is the best place to run?

It is ideal to find a park nearby with a flat dirt path. But if there is nothing like that nearby, then this does not mean that you need to abandon the idea of jogging.

Running on asphalt is also acceptable – the surface is flat, and the risk, f.e., of getting your foot into a hole and getting injured is minimal. But such workouts create more impact load. So here, proper running technique, developed muscles, and control of the increase in the load level will help.

What is the efficient running technique?

While in motion, it is important to monitor the position of the body and foot. Train with a straight back, straightened shoulders, and a slight forward lean. When running, you need to land on the forefoot – this eliminates braking when landing and reduces the time the foot touches the ground, saving energy.

Where to put your hands? Everything is simpler here: bend at the elbows at a right angle.

Can you run hungry?

Not worth it. An hour before a workout, especially if it is in the morning, have a light snack. Oatmeal or a cheese sandwich and tea will do. If your workout will last no more than an hour and you didn’t have time to have breakfast, then half a banana, a cup of tea, or a glass of water is enough half an hour before jogging. But refuse fatty foods before training.

What clothes and shoes are best for beginner runners?

Ideal equipment – light and does not constrain movements. Any sportswear that you feel comfortable in is suitable for running training. But most importantly, it should be made of synthetics (polyester and polyamide) in order to remove moisture well.