Did you watch the Bride Wars movie where main characters were jogging every morning? Running is one of the most common sports we resort to lose weight, strengthen muscles, or improve the body’s general condition.

During exercise, there is a transition from aerobic energy burning from cells to anaerobic. This encourages your body to use fat instead of carbohydrates.

How to accurately run for losing weight?

Running for weight loss is slow and long. Start with 20 minutes of jogging and increase time to 40-60 minutes within a month. Ignore speed and distance – these numbers are not crucial for losing weight. For losing weight, jogging 3-5 times a week is correct.

If you have more than five extra pounds, switch to walking while jogging! This will help not to experience a sharp decline in strength, not injure the joints and spine, and not to overload the heart.

How to determine the load?

We recommend using a heart rate monitor. Now there’re different options for gadgets: sports watches with a heart rate sensor in the form of a chest strap and fitness bracelets that measure the pulse directly on the wrist.

You can also focus on the general recommendation: run correctly to lose weight, with a pulse of 110-136 beats per minute. Please note: this is the average heart rate. In each unit of time, it can be slightly higher or lower.

Are there any secrets for beginners?

Wear loose-fitting clothing, and be sure to wear jogging shoes. Specialized jogging shoes protect your knees, hips, and back from the harmful effects of this sports activity.

For beginners, it’s right to run, not on asphalt! Grass, a dirt track, a rubber surface in a school stadium, earth – that’s what you need. If there are no options other than asphalt, buy running shoes with a high degree of cushioning. Otherwise, your six-fold weight will fall on your knees and spine when you land. And go for a walk more frequently.

If you do sports in the morning, eat 15-30 minutes before jogging and drink water. This will avoid hungry fainting, and heart stress (thick blood).

How to breathe nicely?

You can breathe through your nose or mouth, depending on your anatomical features. Some coaches require you to put your foot only on foot or inhale exclusively through your nose.

Jogging is a natural human movement. It is efficiently for a beginner to run in a style that is convenient for him personally, using only basic recommendations.