Cardio workout is the best way to keep body in excellent physical shape and lose weight. The biggest plus of jogging is availability of such activities. You can train both in the gym and at home on a special simulator and on the street. This discipline is suitable for men and women at any age – the race intensity and frequency depend on the exercise level.

How to warm up before running?

Skipping a warm-up is one of the biggest novice mistakes. If you run in the morning, spend more time warming up – it will allow you to wake up, warm up your muscles and ligaments and prepare them for the upcoming work.

Warm up slowly, without sudden movements. It is also important to stretch after your workout. It is necessary to restore body and prevent the injury risk. When having a load, muscles constantly contract, and it is essential to bring them back to their original state at the workout finish.

To avoid hurting yourself, do not skip the warm-up and hitch. This is just as important a part of the workout as jogging itself.

Breathing during exercise

To avoid shortness of breath and pain in the side, taking deep breaths and exhaling through the nose is necessary. This will evenly open the lungs and enrich the blood with oxygen.

Already during the warm-up, measure your actions with how you breathe. It is strictly not recommended to hold the air inside when muscles are tense.
Another tip is to keep the rhythm and count the steps. You can adjust your breathing to your feet by choosing the optimal interval. This will allow you to concentrate and keep a certain pace for a long time.

Main rules of running

Finally, we turn to the most vital thing – a proper technique. We analyze how to start jogging from top to bottom:
Head – should look only forward. Don’t look at your feet.

Shoulders – should be relaxed.

Hands – hold near the body at a right angle. The brushes are collected in a free fist.

The body is even and slightly inclined forward, but due to the hips, not the shoulders.

Legs – move in a circle. With one leg, you push off and bend the other at the knee so that the lower leg is perpendicular to the floor. At the moment of foot landing, the foot middle should be directly under your knee.

Feet – it is best to lower yourself on the middle part of the foot. This way, you reduce the risk of injury!

It seems that remembering all this is unrealistic. However, repeat these steps several times slowly, and you’ll understand how to start correctly. Soon, the technique will simply become a habit.

How to start running for weight loss?

All beginners have different reasons for such drastic changes in their lives. Some start running to keep fit, some just for fun, and some to lose weight. We will look at whether running helps and how to run correctly to lose weight. Running is a valuable activity for losing weight, but not a panacea. It will be ineffective if you do not maintain a calorie deficit and do not perform strength exercises.

Also, there are different running techniques for losing weight. Short workouts and regular jogging are not suitable here. If you want to lose weight, the first thing you need to do is race walking. Later, you can try interval exercising: 100m run slowly, 100m jog, 100m fast. The entire workout should last at least one hour since active calorie burning only begins after 40 minutes of activity.

Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired result. How to run for weight loss: in the morning or evening? There are no significant differences between morning and evening jogging.

When scheduling, you should focus only on your habits, biorhythms, and schedule. But if you have already decided to run early, prepare your uniform in advance, and do not complicate the awakening.